Finding the One Online – Take 2

Evan Marc Katz stopped by my blog this afternoon to give his two cents on my pseudo-review of Finding The One Online. Not only do I kind of feel like I had a brush with fame (I spent so much time on Evan’s site, he is like a celebrity to me), I also feel kind of like a schmo.

(Side bar: If you accidentally Google shmoo instead of schmo, you get picture of these white roly poly things.)

I did do a few things he advised, but mostly I ignored them and just went right back online exactly the same way I have in the past. Shocker, same results.

Was that me talking about the definition of insanity a while back? Was that me talking about Sisyphus and that big rock?

I am smarter than the average bear, but I do suck at online dating. Why would I pay $200 to ignore someone’s advice? (There’s a whole therapy session in that sentence right there.)

I am going to start again from the beginning. What do I have to lose but time?  I already invested the money. I can multi-task while I watch the Bachelor, right?

Before I left work today, I printed out the 182 page transcript and the workbook. I listened to Volume 1 on my commute home. We started again with attitude. Apparently, I need three things for online dating: patience, honesty, and self confidence. Got it. Next up, I have to brainstorm a more creative username.

No more blogging.  I have brainstorming to do!

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