Key Takeaways From The Golden Globes

I am in to speed blogging now on the IPad. I don’t have the patience to write much on this touchpad but I also don’t have time to say much.

Here are some things I could have live tweeted as I watched the Golden Globes but instead decided to share in “career girl” bullet points. (Someone recently referred to me as a “career girl”. I guess that’s kinda what I am.)

(Just learned how to do bullet points on the IPad. Go me!)

  • Ricky Gervais is hilarious
  • Homeland!!!!!! Enough said. Eventually, everyone must see this show.
  • I have to watch this Downtown Abbey show.
  • There are many movies I need to see, I now know that Midnight in Paris is one of them. I was not aware. Not a huge Woody fan but I will give it a shot.
  • Madonna does not look as “plastic surgeryish” as I thought she would.
  • Ashton Kutcher’s shorter hair looks sweet, but I am now Team Demi.
  • Johnny Depp, Rob Lowe, and surprisingly Dustin Hoffman were looking very orange.
  • Did I mention how much I loved Mildred Pierce? Check it out on DVD. I do like my HBO miniseries’.
  • I am running out of bullet points. I guess I am getting kinda bored.
  • How beautiful is Jodie Foster? And she brought her sons, so cute.
  • Love Jessica Lange’s look. All black and all natural. Classy. And hello…American Horror Story. I told you!!!
  • Not a fan of Sarah Michelle Gellar’s tie die dress. Watch for it on the worst dressed lists, along with Emma Stone’s purple and fuscia thing with an eagle.
  • Interesting facial hair choices, Bradley.
  • Octavia Spencer for The Help, most touching moment so far.
  • Reese looks fabulous. Doesn’t she always?
  • What’s this Hugo movie? Do I have to watch that too?
  • Wait, does Jessica Biel have a 1950’s bathing suit bottom on under her see through dress?
  • Meryl Streep might be the best actress of all time and super cool, but she has horrible fashion sense and Rooney Mara should have won.
  • I am realizing now that I have to stay up for the whole thing…I am almost there.
  • Maybe next weekend I should check out The Decendents instead of working all weekend! And perhaps I will summarize in “career girl” bullet points.

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