I Just Mingled

I would like to state, for the record, that less than one week after my false start in kicking off the new me in the new year (aka my disastrous failed attempt to meet new people), I have redeemed myself.

Tonight’s event was easier because it was a NFTE event for the Young Professionals Group. Since I am on the NFTE board I automatically had a discussion topic. Since most people there were younger than me I could put on my “older and wiser” persona so I was not intimidated. I also knew two people there but they work for NFTE and had to work the crowd so I could not cling to them.

I was a tiny bit nervous, but I went and I rocked it.

I talked to to five complete strangers. None particularly interesting, and there was a lot more listening than talking, but that is something I am way better at anyway. I am an awesome listener. It is a good skill for a mingler.

Mingling is definitely an art. You have to decide who approach, know how to break in, wait for the right moment, and most important take the opportunity to break away gracefully. Then, of course there is the actual conversation. It is no coincidence that mingling and drinking usually go together!

Next week, I am attending a three day work conference where I will really get a chance to flex my mingling muscles. It’s in New Orleans so there will be drinks!

This evening, I am going to relish in my quick reversal and appreciate being back on an upswing.

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