I know its been a while but I had a busy busy month. Crazy work stuff, spending time with new friends, catching up with old friends, holiday parties, bon voyage dinners, buying and wrapping gifts for my many family members, spending time with my many family members, some running, and some yoga.  That pretty much sums up December.

I am running out of time to officially reflect on 2011 so I better get to it.

A glass half empty person could look back on 2011 and say, “I worked too much, I still don’t have a life partner, and I am no closer to starting my own family. Bummer.”

Fortunately, I have evolved in to more of a glass half full person.  This is kind of awesome. I think a combination of Yoga, therapy, and sheer will contributed to this turn of events.

So here is how this glass half full TVaholic would summarize 2011:

  • I started the year with no idea what my job would be and ended up with a job that I am very good at, has stretched me in new directions, and given me complete job security.  I also landed a sweet desk with a window view and made more friends at the office. Score!
  • I have become a bit of a shopaholic but (because I work my ass off) I can afford it seems healthier than filling the void with food or alcohol.  If George Clooney calls, I will have something to wear.
  • I am healthier physically and emotionally than I have ever been.  Since the October juice cleanse, I have not been sick once. (knock on wood!) There have been no anxious trips to the doctor this year for unexplained symptoms and I can’t remember the last panic attack I had (knock on wood!) I have been to Yoga regularly since my favorite teacher returned and I find ways to squeeze in a run instead of avoiding it.  I think I might be…a runner!
  • I dated more in 2011 than I did in 2010 and 2009 combined.  Nothing stuck for the long haul, but I learned more about myself and what I need from each of those adventures. I will do what I can to continue the trajectory in 2012 and hopefully something will stick (or at least I hope to have fun trying!)
  • I added three new shows to my roster that I LOVE: Homeland, American Horror Story, and Once Upon a Time  (You didn’t think I could leave out TV, did you! If you missed them in 2011, you must remedy this in 2012.)

I might be forgetting more amazing stuff from 2011, but my glass of wine is almost empty and Brad Pitt is waiting for me in this Netflix envelope.  (Yes, I rejoined Netflix and I am spending my New Year’s Eve cozy on my couch at home with Brad Pitt.)

I am confident that 2012 will be even better than 2011. 2012 just sounds better than 2011 doesn’t it? At the very least, I am certain that I will continue to evolve and I will work hard at being patient and present.  2012…bring it on!

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