Once Upon a Time: Initial Thoughts

I kind of liked this Once Upon a Time show.  I realize that you have probably lost respect for my selections since I did like the Playboy Club for a minute.  I never claimed to be a television snob, which is evident from my TV List.  I like what I like for whatever reason.

The premise of Once Upon a Time is kind of silly, but cute.  Fairy tale characters are all living in together in some fairy tale land and the evil queen gets really mad and puts a curse on all of them which traps them in a horrible place where there are no more happy endings.  This horrible place is our world, specifically a small town in Maine. (Everyone knows Maine is cute and not horrible so this show is totally unrealistic.)

The fairy tale characters don’t know that they are fairy tale characters and don’t know each other.  Some of the puzzle pieces are missing (which we will learn more about as the story unfolds I am sure), but when we join the show, they are all living in this town like regular peeps and we see flashbacks to fairy tale land and get some scoop in to how they got there.

The tension and suspense (I use those terms loosely in regards to this show, because it’s not on AMC), is that Snow White’s daughter is the only one who can break the curse.  She escaped fairy tale land just before the curse hit in some magic tree that Gepetto built.  She grew up as a regular human, found on the side of the road (which is I guess where the magic tree transported her to) and was put in to foster care and had a baby at a very young age that she gave up for adoption.  The baby (Snow White’s grandchild), was coincidentally adopted by the evil queen living in Storybook, Maine (yes Storybook).  It is unclear whether the evil queen really knows the whole story, but she is not a nice person and it is also unclear why she adopted a baby because she apparently treats him like crap.

Net net, the young boy, gets this book from his teacher (who is his grandmother Snow White, but no one knows that but us. And by the way, she is the same age as her daughter which can only happen when fairy take characters from another universe are frozen in time).  The book somehow reveals to him the whole story and he sets out to find his mother to bring her back to Storybook to break the curse.

And that is what happened in the pilot.  I realize now that this sounds pretty ridiculous.  Are you surprised the learn that it was created by some of the writers of Lost? (According to Wikipedia, there were 5 Lost references in the pilot, which I certainly did not pick up on.) It reminds me of the Wonderful World of  Disney but upgraded to a slightly more thinking person’s audience.  Some nostalgia and curiosity will keep me hanging in to see where this crazy show goes.  It had great ratings apparently, so I was not the only one with a little Disney fever on Sunday night.

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