Organization Snob

This week we had a team building volunteer event at God’s Love We Deliver, my new favorite non-profit. The mission of the GLWD is to prepare and deliver healthy meals to people who are to sick to procure their own food.

The afternoon started with a great video that explains the organization, their clients, and the importance of the volunteers to add “love” to every meal (the reason they don’t have more automation and use people to prepare the meals). Awesome. Made me feel important and ready to volunteer!

We put on our hair nets, got instructions on hand washing, and headed to the kitchen. They arranged us in an assembly line and we each had a job to put a scoop of rice, veggies, meat, or gravy in a tin that we passed down the line. We did this for over an hour and filled over 100 tins (while chatting and bonding as a team – bonus!) When we finished filling racks and racks of tins, they set us up to put tops on the tins with another super organized assembly line. We were 100% utilized and felt like we were needed and productive.

I was in awe at how organized that place was. It made me happy to participate in such a well oiled machine.I was like a kid in the candy store.  Organization makes everything better.

In contrast, this non-profit I mentor through is a mess. Every event has a glitch. Every one!!! They send us to the wrong address, don’t give enough notice, never tell me how much I owe for my annual pledge (so I keep donating the minimum, out of spite,  because they make it so hard to find out the suggested full amount), and don’t give clear instructions for anything (which caused me, the most organized on top of it person I know, to miss an event this summer). I don’t think they even screen their mentors (beyond the typical back ground check, I had no interview) and we got almost no guidance on being a mentor.

The night after my fabulous experience at God’s Love We Deliver, I made a trek  to the Bronx for an opening school year dinner at my mentee’s school.  I received an invitation one week before the event saying I needed to RSVP two weeks before the event. Typical.  It was a causal dinner in the cafeteria with a long submarine sandwich and tables of students hanging out with their mentors. I kept waiting for someone to address the group, but it never happened.  Most of the people there were new mentors meeting their mentees for the first time (apparently second years don’t usually attend this event) Perhaps a word from the principal might have been appropriate? A welcome from the representative of the non profit? It was weird.

Both good causes, but if you have your act together, you get my time and money. I understand that not everyone has the skill of organization, but the person in charge of arranging stuff has got to have it! This will be my last mentee through this program. I just prefer to be involved in all things organized.  I guess that makes me an organization snob!

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