Breaking the Cleanse

I was dragging for two days post cleanse.  I was trying to eat the right stuff and I was tired and still a little bit spaced out. It was a slow recovery.

This morning, I ate two hard boiled eggs (organic, cage free of course) and it was like a shot of adrenaline. I finally felt the rush of energy that was promised post cleanse. I am 5 pounds lighter and I feel clean and healthy and back!  I loaded up with lots of healthy stuff at whole foods (including the BPC  green juice which is pricey but delicious).

I miraculously banged out three miles this afternoon after a week of only fruits and veggies (and two hard boiled eggs).  Yay!!

I also bought new a pair of jeans that fit perfectly post cleanse so I have to stay in post cleanse form.  I would also like to maintain the overall general sense of health that comes with not eating Doritoes and Oreos.  I am sure they will be back eventually, in moderation.

I will try to spare you from hearing any more about the cleanse, but I do recommend it.  My key takeaway is that it is not a 3 day cleanse.  It is at least a 7 day process.  Prepare, buckle down, and be ready to detox!

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