The Last Juice

Some insights from day 3 of the three day juice cleanse as I sip my very last juice….

Day 3 was the hardest. Logically that makes sense, but I thought I had read some testimonies about “getting over the hump”, so I was expecting today to be a cake walk. Not the case. Yesterday, I felt like I was high. Today, I felt hung over. And hungry!

If I ever do this again (and I am not sure I will) it needs to be on the weekend when I am not in meetings and required to think and be nice to people. Several times today, I said “Ask me again tomorrow after I have had some food”. Not sure my boss appreciated that.

I did not cheat though! Not once! No gum, no coffee, no food. One cup green tea every day (which was allowed), 6 juices, and water.

I was so sad when I got my “last day of the cleanse e-mail” that reminded me I have to ease back in slowly. As much as I want to eat real food, they say I will feel sick if I jump right back in. They recommend fruit all day. Not happening, but I will take it easy (of course, because I am compelled to follow instructions).

I will definitely appreciate every morsel of food I put in my mouth in the coming days. In addition to making my jeans fit better and detoxing my system, I have a much better appreciation for how lucky I am to be able to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Many many people are not so lucky. I am even lucky (and crazy) enough to pay money not to eat!!

Tonight, I will go to bed, grateful, hungry, and proud.

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