Juice Cleanse Day 1 Report

Key Takeaways from Day 1 of the BPC Juice Cleanse:

  • These juices are delicious.  Not sure which is my favorite.  Possibly #6, this Cashew Nut Milk that tastes kind of like ice cream.
  • It is hard to drink this much juice in one day.  Every time I got hungry it was time for another juice, and I am full of juice right now.
  • I thought the juices would have more thickness to them (like V8 juice!) but they don’t.  Very watery.  I can’t even pretend they are food (except the Cashew Nut Milk!)
  • I did have one cup of caffeinated green tea.  I have mixed instructions on whether or not I could have this so I chose to believe the instructions that said I could.
  • I felt more energized than tired.  Maybe a little bit spacey.  I only got 6 hours of sleep last night so I am not jumping up and down with energy, but I have more than I thought I would.  (Apparently this is because my body is not wasting energy on digestion and the juice goes immediately to my veins like heroin.    Good healthy heroin.)
  • I did not feel the jubilation I was expecting about not having to decide what to eat.  I do miss food and I look forward to returning to it on Thursday.  I have already started thinking about what that might entail.
  • My biggest concern about day 2 is that all of the acid kind of upset my stomach a bit. I am hoping tomorrow will be better.

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