I am embarking on a three-day juice cleanse.

Why, you ask? A couple of weeks ago, someone at my office was doing it and I was jealous of two things (1) he got to eat fruits and vegetables all day long (2) he didn’t have to think about what to eat! I was feeling gross and puffy,  my clothes were a little tight, I was eating like crap, and I was feeling too lazy to think about what to eat three times a day. Seemed like a great plan.

This time I did extensive research and obsessed over the decision. Should I do this?  Should I do it during the week or on the weekend? Which one should I do?

I settled on The BluePrintCleanse. BPC is rated one of the top three juice cleanses in NYC, they will deliver to my door, and they have a great informative and humorous website that implied I might feel euphoric and have a clearer mind on the cleanse! I bit the bullet and handed over my credit card.

Ironically, since I signed up, I have been obsessed with deciding what to eat.  I guess I needed to hand over $200 and make a commitment that I told a bunch of people about, to get motivated to think about what I am putting into my body. And that was the whole point.  I wanted to re-set and re-focus.

The website said I should ease myself into it so the transition is not so bad.  You tell me to prepare, and I will be prepared!

I have been mostly vegan, sugar-free, and dairy-free since Friday. I picked sushi over pizza for lunch on Friday. I switched to green tea from coffee on Saturday. I made a big pot of Trader Joe’s greens, a cucumber and avocado salad with homemade dressing, and my favorite easy Tilapia recipe from my sis (I am a “fish vegan” obviously).

I am not feeling euphoric. I am hungry. I barely got through half of my once-a-week workout yesterday. I have not even started my cleanse yet! This might not go well. I get kind of cranky when I am hungry. Oh boy, what was I thinking?

The juice is coming soon and I paid for it, so I will drink it. What you see above is the green juice I will be consuming twice a day (at approximately 7 am and 12 pm). Hopefully, I will have the energy to update you on my experience as I live through it.

Wish me luck!

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