Two Random Updates

Two semi-important things happened this week:

1) I got an IPad and I kind of love it.  It is supposed to be for work, but I could live without it for work.  I mostly got it to play Carcassone with my brother-in-law and see what all the hype was about.  It will come in handy to avoid booting up my computer at night to check on work emails, Facebook, and Twitter.  I now have to find more ways to use it because it is just so freaking cool.  Everything just looks prettier on the Ipad.

2) I watched Prime Suspect and I LOVED it.  Without a doubt, my favorite of the new season so far. Within 3 minutes, I knew I loved this show and I was glued to it completely for an hour.  This is a great show. Maria Bello is amazing. She plays a NYC cop who is trying to prove herself to her completely sexist a*&-hole colleagues in a new unit.  She is smart and tough and really cool.  The show is a remake of a British mini-series on PBS starring Helen Mirren (I won’t pretend to have seen that).  An added bonus, her boyfriend is Grace’s boyfriend from Saving Grace.  Love him.  (IMDB says his name is Kenny Johnson).  Watch it!  (Thursday nights. 10pm ABC)

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