Again, The Emmy’s Rocked

Again, I loved the Emmy’s (read last year’s post here).  Are they on a roll or am I only just noticing since I started blogging?  It can’t be me, it must be that the Emmy’s have gotten better….

Highlights from last night’s awards:

  • “Welcome to the Modern Family awards” – they totally deserve it
  • Best Actress in a comedy series pageant line up – awesome
  • The Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon bit (I LOVE Jimmy Kimmel..apparently I found Jimmy Fallon hilarious last year)
  • Jessie showing up at Dunder Mifflin  to sell meth to Creed
  • The random Emmy-tones (Chuck!!!!!)
  • Jayne Lynch’s “Gay Agenda”, her “Circle of Life” joke, and her “Entourage/Why I am a Lesbian” joke ….Jane Lynch overall
  • The SNL medley (Those SNL tunes are funny and I was surprised that I knew a few of them.  I guess I slipped in some SNL this year. It was not on the list!)
  • I got chills when Friday Night Lights won for best writing and when Coach Taylor won for best actor
  • Lots of red dresses, including the one Kate Winslet wore, who won for Mildred Pierce..another fabulous mini series from HBO which we never discussed, but I loved
  • Mad Men wins again!!!!!  (sadly, it beat 4 of my other favorite shows including FNL, but it was an amazing season)

Some things I didn’t like:

  • The “Jersey” skit (except when Jane Lynch dusted Cheetos powder on her cheeks like blush)
  • Bryan Cranston with hair and no glasses..too weird
  • Juliana Margulies’ white dress
  • The leather suit jacket on one of the Canadian Tenors
  • The last hour.  It was slow…
  • Gweneth Paltrow’s dress

Overall, great show.


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