My Last Red Envelope

I cancelled Netflix this week.  It felt like a break up.

With the prices going up, it just didn’t make sense to spend $20/month for the option to rent unlimited movies.  I can stream 5 new releases/month from Amazon for the same cost.  There aren’t 5 new release rentals per month that I even want to see!  I don’t watch old movies.  If I haven’t already seen it, I probably don’t want to.

It’s the new TV season and there is plenty to watch. My TiVo Premiere costs a few dollars more every month.  My year of free Showtime is over so I am now paying for that too (pretty much only for Dexter since I won’t let myself get into any of the other fabulous Showtime shows, except maybe this new one with Claire Danes).  And my Kindle could use some more attention.

It feels sad though.  I have been getting those red envelopes delivered to me for….as long as I can remember.   I like to stay true to my brands and I hate to abandon Netflix, but I just don’t watch enough movies to make it worth it.

I put my last red envelope in the mail this morning.  Vicky Cristina Barcelona.  Didn’t love it at all.  I don’t think I like Woody Allen movies.  Hannah and Her Sisters is the last one I remember liking.  I guess I am done with Netflix and Woody Allen.

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