Super Prepared for a Lazy Day

Well, I was very prepared, but Irene has passed and was pretty much uneventful here in my little NYC pad.  I did learn that my bath tub does not hold water.  (New bathtub stopper already ordered so I can be even MORE prepared for the next natural disaster.)

Now its time to start my stay-cation.  I took a week off of work and made no plans. I have a long list of personal stuff I have not had time to tackle in the past six months and I am torn between starting to tackle that list and doing absolutely nothing.

The problem with a stay-cation is that you are not really “away from it all.”  The problem with me, is that I am addicted to being productive and I suck at relaxing.

I have been doing absolutely nothing except watching CNN and local news all morning. I’m kind of bored with that. Maybe I should put on my red rain boots and go stalk Anderson Cooper in Battery Park.  I think I am still supposed to stay inside though, and I am a big rule follower (it’s part of the whole “SJ” thing).

I think I have concluded that I will putter around my apartment and do pretty much nothing all day.  One day of puttering should motivate me to get organized and start tackling the to do list tomorrow.

A daily bog post is on the list for the week.  Let’s hope I can get my blog brain back on track and crank out some good posts!

FYI – Even with all of this free time, I have no desire to meditate with the new agey dude.

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