An SJ Prepares for Irene

My Meyers Briggs “temperament type” is SJ.  SJs are always prepared. Chicken Little and whoever invented the Boy Scouts were likely SJs. As you can imagine I am all over this hurricane (I think!).

I did not actually start preparations until my  more relaxed co-worker (who was teasing me all day about my concern) started getting non stop texts and emails from his family and we agreed to pack it in a head home last night at 5pm.  I have made up for lost time.

First stop, liquor store.  Upon arriving home with two bottles of wine, I checked my flashlight/battery situation.  I was quite pleased to discover that the flashlight I have not used since I went camping 15 years ago still works and takes AA batteries which I happen to have bought in bulk from recently.  Score!

Morton Williams was PACKED at 5:30pm.  No bread.  All day I was joking that I had to get home before the bread ran out. As expected, the little old ladies in my nabe ran out in their housecoats all day swooping up the bread.  I grabbed the only flavor of Doritos left, Extreme Pizza, and various other non perishable  items and got on the longest line I have ever seen at my grocery store.

The woman behind me was grabbing everything in a can within reach of the line and kept asking us if she would get sick if she ate what was in the can.  The woman in front of me had an armful of Spam and donuts. I love my crazy NY peeps.

The little old ladies did not venture to my corner store where I was able to get a nice fresh loaf of bread and a gallon jug of water.  Score!

I woke up early, excited to continue my preparations before the rest of the city woke up.  Checked CNN. Storm still coming!  I hit the laundry room to get in a pre-hurricaine load and headed to Whole Foods at 7:30 am.  They had pulled an all nighter! Even after being open all night the place was clean, organized, fully stocked and not that crowded (love Whole Foods). I now have enough organic fruits and veggies to ensure that I will not get scurvy if the power goes out for a few days.

After a few hours of work (boo!) I will clean my apartment, fill my bathtub with water (tip from my Mom!), make sure my various battery powered items are charging, settle in on the couch, wait for Irene, and start my one week stay-cation.  More to come on the stay-cation if I have power tomorrow….

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