Taking the Challenge

I’ve so lost my way.  I have tried not to write whiny posts about how work has taking over almost all of my time and energy, so I haven’t been writing much at all.

I have reverted to the place where I fill my non work time with more reality TV than a person should watch.  Somehow Millionaire Matchmaker, Jersey Shore, Ryan and Tatum: The O’Neals, and Bachelor Pad have found there way on to my TiVo.  (Joining Big Brother of course, which I still love.)

I might need another 7 day detox.  What am I saying? I am sure I need another 7 day detox but what if, god forbid, I just worked more hours?  I would also miss out on such fine programming as Breaking Bad and True Blood.  That is, however, all of the fine programming on rotation at the moment.

The new fall season is coming and although I have not been paying much attention and it  has become less exciting for me over the years, I will be investigating the new goods to see if there is anything worth adding to the Top 10 hours. Its the closest thing I have to “back to school  in the fall” feeling which I used to love as a kid.  Buying new clothes and school supplies and heading back to see your friends.

No time like the present, pre-fall season, to try a 7 day detox, but I am having a hard time committing.  Maybe I will ease my way in to it, by just cutting out some of this reality crap. (I say some because I just can’t resist Bachelor Pad, I can’t)

I did also just sign up for Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge, again.  I don’t think I got past Day 1 last time but maybe I can stick with it this time around. There has been no meditation in a while. The theme is “Creating Your Soul Profile”.  Supposedly, I will learn (in 21 days) Who am I? What do I want? What is my dharma or purpose in life?  That seems like a lot to tackle in 21 days of 10-15 minute meditations but since I have never meditated for 21 days in a row, what do I know?

I will keep you posted, and if I really discover my purpose in life, and its NOT to watch lots of TV, perhaps I will be inspired to launch the 7 day TV detox!

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