Random Minutia

I just can not write a coherent, thought out post these days.  My brain is just too full of work details to be bloggy these days.  So here are some random thoughts.  If you are reading this post, then I have managed to muster up a few bullet points to share.

  • I think I am dropping the ball on a signature drink for my annual college friends 4th of July weekend.  I need to get on that…what about this one which seems to contain blueberries and  mint leaves?
  • I have given up on HD TV.  I might have to buy a new TiVo.  (I have not given up on TV of course.  Game of Thrones..awesome!  Looking forward to the return of True Blood on Sunday.  Breaking Bad is coming soon!)
  • I think I also need a new refrigerator.  Water keeps mysteriously collecting on the shelves around my food.  (I have also not given up on food.  I just keep it tightly sealed.)
  • Is it cheating if you have a cool app that helps you come up with words for Words With Friends, but you ONLY use words you would have thought of on your own if you had the time or patience to think about it?   Sorry MG, you might not want to play with me anymore.  (And I am not sure I would have thought of re-taxing on my own…so net net, I guess I officially cheated)
  • I cancelled plans with my mentee on Sunday because I am tired, I need a day to myself with NO errands or travel or responsibilities to other human beings,  but I feel guilty about it
  • The shoes I spent forever trying to find (low heeled sling backs that stay on my feet which are wide with unusually small ankles), have turned out to be excruciatingly painful.  Why can’t I wear flip flops with suits?

This post is so weak..seriously.  I think I have lost my blogging mojo….

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  1. I love hearing your random minutia. It’s like a little window into your brain. Could comment on them all, but only one is critical. You must find a signature drink. I think I found one. It includes tabasco sauce. That’s right, hot sauce!


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