From Bad to Worse

The television situation has gone from bad to worse.  I have not been able to watch HD TV since February and now I can’t watch any live TV at all.  This is dire.  You may recall my previous posts on this issue  (My Attenuators Have Arrived  &    Attenuator Update).  I have been sparing you the play by play but let me catch you up.

On my fifth call to TiVo, the told me that I had to call Time Warner.  This was just what I was dreading, and it turned out to be as painful as I predicted.

Time Warner technician #1 was an idiot she said she had to send a level 2 technician.  The level 2 technician seemed to know his stuff.  He said the signal strength was definitely too high (which is what all five TiVo people told me) but that it was a building problem.  He arranged for a building appointment two days later.  Things did not improve.  I called Time Warner who arranged for another building appointment.  Things did not improve.

Technician #3 left an hour a go.  I now get NO cable channels.  He was here for an hour and I knew from the first words out of his mouth that he was useless.  He messed with my cable card which was not the problem.  I did  not imagine he would make things worse.  He also smelled really bad, like old shoes.  I wanted him out of my apartment so badly, that I let him leave with out fully checking out the status before letting him leave.  I knew he had not fixed the HD channels, but when I realized I had NO service at all, I ran after him and almost started to cry when I could not catch him.

I can’t get someone back out here until Wednesday.  Even swearing at the lady on the phone could not get me an appointment tomorrow.  I realize it is idiotic to be this upset about not having TV.  I mean, people have real problems, this is not a real problem.  But I am pissed off.

Luckily, I have a bottle of wine, my Kindle, about 30 hours of TV stored up on my TiVo, two Netflix DVDs, and streaming Netflix to keep me company until this gets resolved.

(Read the final resolution to my LONG TiVo issue here.)

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  1. hey. giving you more tv ideas is probably not what you need. but we can watch all of our shows online through xfinity, which is the site for comcast. we still have to watch a few commercials, but it’s nothign like on tv.

    of course, the universe could be trying to help you out here, yes?


  2. But can you connect it to the TV? I can’t spend any more time at the computer…

    I have been watching a lot less TV, although at the moment, I am in a hotel room watching the Bachelorette…which is pretty pathetic 🙂

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