Catching up

I know, it’s been forever.  The past two weeks have been busy, busy.  Work is crazy and I have no idea when it will get less crazy, but let’s not talk about that.  Here are some highlights of things (mostly unrelated to work) that I have drafted blog posts about in my head and not had time to bring to life:

  • I attended my mentee’s confirmation in the Bronx.  The Bronx is far.  Logistics were tricky.  The mass/ceremony was two and a half hours, on a Monday night!!  (That is probably more time than I have spent in a church in the past 10 years.)  It was so sweet that she wanted me there, and even sweeter that her mom wanted to take me out to dinner afterwards.   A long night, but totally worth the trip.
  • I sat through my second NFTE board meeting.  It took me over an hour to think of an intelligent question to ask and then  I could not get a word in edgewise.  While someone else was going on and on, I got myself a glass of wine and then got too drowsy to ask my question.  Wine at board meetings it probably not a good idea for me.
  • Went to see one of my new favorite musical dudes, Bob Schneider.  I reminisced about the days in my 20s when I went out to see live music all the time (and stayed up much later than I do now.)   I was happy to discover that I am not too old to enjoy live music (which I qualify by saying that the concert was over by 11pm and was not super crowded which are both requirements for fun these days.)
  • Flew to Miami for 24 hours to give a presentation for work.  That was a pain in the a*&.  But we are not talking about work.
  • Attended the NFTE business plan semifinals and sat though SEVEN high school business plan presentations while my co-workers judged.  I miraculously found SIX people from work to volunteer to be judges which was awesome since I was too tired from my Miami trip to deal with the stress of having the hopes and dreams of high school kids weighing on my shoulders. I did spend the evening listening to the kids present.  Business ideas included: Henna tattoos (She spelled henna wrong, so she didn’t win), brownies on a stick (apparently, they were delicious but I did not get any because I was not a judge), candy pens (for people who get hungry when they are taking a test .  Most creative, but not a great business idea.  The construction of the pen with taped on candy holder, was pretty poor.)
  • Shopped for hours in search of comfortable/stylish closed toed shoes in a size 6.5 that will fit my wide feet with unusually small ankles.  I bought three pairs of shoes and am not happy with any of them.  I am doomed to be forever unstylish (which is apparently not a word, according to spell check) at work.  There are worse fates I suppose.

Now you are caught up.  Not my most exciting post, but a post!  Of to Philly for 24 hours if I don’t miss my train because I was blogging!

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  1. The winner in my group was a business called Magic Pictures that I was not a fan of. They add really ugly graphics to digital photos, print them and put them in a frame. They came in third in the finals. The overall winner was a kid who can fix computers “Anthony Knows Computers.” He says he can fix anything… 🙂

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