Out of the Habit

When you get out of the habit of doing something, it is very hard to start the habit back up again.

I was rocking and rolling with my blog, then I got busy, and now my brain does even think about blog posts any more.  They used to just come to me.  Of course, now that I have started writing, this seems like something to share:

I am supposed to be on my way to an match.com date right now.  I had already written the guy off in my mind because (1) making plans with him over e-mail was difficult and (2) he refused to tell me his name, which is really weird.  He did not sign his name on any emails, even though I signed mine (first name only of course which everyone does.) I actually brought it up, TWICE (“I don’t actually know your name.”  “I still don’t know your name.”) and he still did not reveal his name or even refer to fact that I asked about it.

I interpreted this as a symptom of a pretty serious intimacy issue, and probably something far worse.  I was trying to keep an open mind, however, because I am the master of ruling people out and I am trying to get past that.  But I was not looking forward to this date.

Forty minutes before meeting time (just as I finished showering and prettying up) he emailed saying he had to take a rain check.  Relief.  Ironically, he replied to the email in such a way that I could see his real email address and through my magical googling skills, I found out his name.  Hah!  But I will not be going out with him, ever.  Saved by intimacy issues worse than my own!

Back to habits.  I just got a couple of hours of my day back.  What I should do, is go to the gym, but I am out of the habit.  Working out is REALLY hard to get back to when you fall off the wagon.  Besides, it would be very un-green to take ANOTHER shower this evening.

Instead of working out, I am going to be very green (and lazy) and try to finish the third Millennium Trilogy book, which I am not enjoying but refuse to just leave unread for the rest of my life…

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