Puffy Hands

Sorry for the hiatus.  I have been spending so much time on the computer (for work of course, clearly not blogging,) that my hands are puffy.  In the past, I have mistaken the puffiness for water retention and started drinking cranberry juice and eating bananas like crazy.  Eventually Google pointed me toward the cause of “over use.”

I have been over using my hands.  Yesterday I launched a newsletter for my team called the “Research Digest.”  It summarizes key competitive and software market research done by my company and external analysts. (Yup, that’s my job.)  This was the brain child of my bosses boss who REALLY wanted it to happen sooner than later.  So I made it happen.   And now my hands are puffy.  And lucky for me, I have to make this happen every other week.  Time to step up my delegation skills and pray I can get some good help.

I did slip out last weekend for my first Tyler Perry movie with my mentee and my sister’s birthday celebration.  (Two completely separate events.)

The Tyler Perry movie was a very strange experience for me.  I did find myself chuckling and inappropriate stupid jokes.  It was also a lot sadder than I was expecting and not the type of  thing I want to expose my mentee too.   Next time, we will try one of the gigillion cultural things to do in this city.  I was being lazy.

After a 30 minute post mentee nap, I partied like a 31 year old and was quite proud of myself for staying up until 2am (which is technically later than my sister who was taking a short cat nap at the bar when I left.)  Not so excited about working hungover the next day.

Then I started my week.  And now I have puffy hands.  Sigh.

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  1. Things really are bad when you are proud of staying up until 2 pm.

    Sorry about the puffy hands, but it made me laugh. Because of course it reminded me of your MonChiChi face in Florida. I wonder if you have a puffiness tendency.

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