Damn You Entertainment Weekly!

I got sucked in to a new show.  Yesterday, I was catching up on Entertainment Weekly and I read an article about a new AMC show called The Killing that is turning in to a water cooler hit.  I don’t like to be out of the loop on water cooler hits and I LOVE all things AMC (Mad Men, The Walking Dead, Breaking Bad, Rubicon…hello!)

Of course, I immediately did a search on TiVo and found a marathon scheduled for today starting with the pilot and catching all the way up to the new episode tonight. I told myself,  “I’ll just record it, but I probably won’t have time to watch.”

But then, today, a cold that had been brewing turned itself on full blast and by noon all I could do was sneeze and blow my nose.   If I was going to be forced to rest, I might as well check out the new water cooler hit, right?

The Killing is about…a killing.  It is an ongoing murder mystery about a 17 year old girl who is murdered in Seattle. Kind of like Twin Peaks, but less weird!  I am not a huge fan of procedurals, but I love mysteries.  The ones that wrap up within an hour are so formulaic.  I get bored.  They are much more interesting when they go on and leave you in suspense; more twists and turns and character building.

Each episode covers a different day.  13 episodes.  13 days.  Entertainment Weekly says every character has a secret!  Awesome!   The show covers the perspectives of the police, parents, and politics (the crime is somehow tied to a city councilman running for mayor.)  I’m sucked in.  Love the story and the characters.  Can’t wait to see how it turns out.

I don’t know when they will show another marathon again to catch you up, but you have to watch this one from the beginning.  Keep an eye out!

Now what am I going to take off so I can add this one?  Sigh…

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    1. Showtime also rocks and I have heard great things about Nurse Jackie but haven’t taken the leap. Love hearing about any TV watching 🙂 Thiking about your Dad and sending positive healthy thoughts!!!

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