Elimination of Stress Reduction

I have been under eeeenormous stress at work.  I am the most organized person I know and I am struggling to keep my to do list in a coherent state.   I have almost been broken down in tears at the office three times in the past two weeks.  Twice on Friday.

So it is pretty ridiculous that I have chosen this time to completely eliminate the great stress reduction activities I started when I was less stressed and actually had the time.

Its REALLY hard to motivate to get up early to mediate when you have to be at the office at 7:30am.  (My life would be so much easier if the world was all on the same time zone.)  My amazing yoga class is a full 2 1/2 hour commitment (including commute time.)

I have been squeezing in a run once a week and it is SO helpful.  I did interact with human beings this weekend which was also helpful. And I had cupcakes on Friday (but clearly that did not help much.)

I have nothing hugely insightful to say about this except that I acknowledge how ridiculous it is. I thought I would do better last week and I didn’t.  This week I might try harder.  There is no crying in Enterprise Software, so I am going to have to pull it together.

In other news, I started crafting a post called “Would I be Happier if I Were Less of a Perfectionist?” but my thoughts were not developed enough to craft a perfect post on that topic so it is still floating around in my head.

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