Where Have I Been?

I know, I have been slacking on the blogging. Here are the highlights of what I have been up to:

  • A lot of work (boo!)
  • Started The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. It’s a painfully slow read. The reviews say the last 100 pages are amazing. Not sure I can make it that far.
  • Voterbook Meetup where I learned about this cool non-profit Table For Two that tries to combat obesity and hunger by collecting a 25 cent surcharge on “branded” healthy meals in cafeterias and restaurants and donating the proceeds to hunger causes (and the co-founder who presenter to us was a cutie.)
  • New meditation plan where I crawl out of bed, wrap myself in a blanket on the couch and attempt to meditate before I get ready for the day.  Not sure it really counts in that posture, but I actually do it because it is super cozy.
  • An awesome pre-birthday massage.
  • Catching up on Breaking Bad (in the middle of Season 3.  Still amazing.)
  • A late night pre-birthday celebration which involved drinking, dancing, a game of catch with an invisible ball that I was horrible at, and some random guy in the bar telling my brother-in-law to “stop jumping.”  I kept up with the 30 year olds and was quite proud of myself.
  • A hungover match.com date. Not a love connection.
  • Watched the Oscars but found it pretty boring.  Loved Billy Crystal, James Franco in drag, Ann Hathaway, and Mila Kunis’ dress.  That was about it.  Went to bed before The King’s Speech Won, but I would have loved that too.
  • Just returned from a very nice birthday dinner which involved Sangria, a cupcake, and two of my favorite human beings.  Does not get much better than that!

Another busy week ahead…not sure when you will hear from me again…

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