Crazy Pants

Do you have any words or phrases that you only use when you talk to yourself (silently, most of the time) and never say out loud to other people?

Crazy Pants is a new one I have been using in my head recently.  When someone I interact with does something a little weird or annoying, I call them a Crazy Pants in my head.  Let me illustrate.

The other night I was at a very nice women’s networking event for my business school with current students and alumnae.  One of my favorite things about the event was that is was structured (I LOVE structure, especially at a networking event.)

We all sat in a circle and introduced ourselves and each student was asked to pose 1-2 questions for the alums.  Then we broke for dinner and unstructured mingling (I spent that entire time chatting with a close friend I see all the time, which was kind of rude and I feel bad about it.) Then we got back together in a circle, the facilitator read off questions the students had posed,  and the alums could volunteer to answer.

This is where Crazy Pants ruined my evening.

During Q&A, she completely dominated the conversation and insisted on answering every question with LONG, annoying stories and not so wise advice.

For example, “Keep a sense of humor in business school.  A guy in my class was an alcoholic and got a job a Booze Allen.” (Maybe slightly amusing, but being an alcoholic is not really funny.  If knew someone who really was an an alcoholic, I would not be making jokes about them.)  Then she came up with 4 other examples of.”A person in my class was a X and got a job at X”.  It was bizarre.  It seemed like they were all made up and that she had been working on them for years.

There were a few other women who also dominated a bit too much but this one was the worst.  She was a Crazy Pants and my description does not even do her justice. I am still annoyed after three days.  I have actually been in a bad mood since I left that event and I blame Crazy Pants.  Perhaps, venting on the internet will help.

If another good Crazy Pants story comes up I will share it with you.  It won’t be with this person because I will run if I ever see her coming my way, but I live in NYC and we have a lot of Crazy Pants here!

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