Riding Amtrak with Peter Drucker

So the holidays are pretty much over.  Gifts have been distributed and received.  Many miles have been traveled to visit family and share martinis, cheese triangles, games, Cracker Barrel, nieces, dogs, movies, museums, bean dip, and love.

I spent my Amtrak hours this past week reading Managing the Non Profit Organization by Peter Drucker. I didn’t love the book.  He talks about religion a little more than I would like.  (He somehow managed to include his opinion that fornication is a sin into this book.) He did say some interesting things about people development and people management, but I had a hard time relating to his examples which were mostly drawn from the Girl Scouts, churches, and hospitals.

I did find myself more interested in thinking about managing people and organizations than I have in the past.  I have a lot to learn, but the idea of doing it for a cause that I care about makes the idea much more appealing.

While I was reading, I was thinking a lot about the job situation and whether I should jump ship to the non-profit world.  I also talked to some very wise advisors and did some number crunching today to see what Quicken had to say about the whole thing.

Net-net, I think the best way for me to achieve all of the objectives I laid out earlier this year (see Reflecting on my 2010 Goals)  is to stay in the corporate world, get as much out of it as I can, and keep building on the volunteer work I started in 2010.  I have work-a-holic tendencies and I don’t want to get off balance again with a new, very challenging career that would consume my whole life.  I JUST got balanced.  I am doing more now to save the world than I ever have before and I can build up to the invisible plane.

So that’s the quick update.  I thought this was key information for my readers to have before I publish my 2011 goals, which are not fully formed yet.  Guess I should turn off this redonkulous Gossip Girl episode and get to work on those.  Or maybe tomorrow….it is still Christmas vacation!!!

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  1. Love your perspective on this. I found the same thing. I have gone back and forth between nonprofit and private sector my whole career. I recently thought about going back to nonprofit work and started interviewing for some organizations. Ultimately, I decided to stay in the private sector and continue down the volunteer route.

    You might want to check out Taproot as a potential way to amp up volunteering in a very meaningful way.


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