My Job Has Been Eliminated

These are five words I have never said to myself before…until now.  (And, I keep repeating them over and over in my head.)  My boss called over the weekend to break the news.   Of course she worded it as “we are being given the opportunity to find other jobs in the organization or take severance.”  This is not completely shocking.  I knew something was coming and I knew my team would be completely disbanded eventually (because of the nature of our work), but I thought we had a little more time.  The good news is, there was a lot of stuff on my To Do list, that I am really glad I no longer have to do!

Now the questions is, what do I do with this opportunity?  Do I stay at this company and move in to another not so exciting role and keep all of the perks that go with this job?  Those perks, would include money, security, flexibility to work from anywhere (including at home in my PJs), a free computer, a partially reimbursed phone bill, free lunch, and free Dark Magic Green Mountain Coffee (the last two only if I shower and drag myself to the office.)

Or do I take this as a sign from the universe to break free and do something “more fun” which might require giving up some, or all, of those perks.

As you can imagine, I am kind of frozen with the weight of this decision.  Today I Googled “What Should I Do With the My Life?”  The internet was not helpful.

It is also a dilemma to decide exactly how much to share with the internet on this topic.  So far, I have said nothing that I have not shared with my boss (which is very important to my mother who does not want me to completely lose my job.  And this is also important because my boss is working very hard to find me new job at my company, because she rocks!)  so I should probably end it here, for now,  and go off to continue my totally unproductive pondering.

Be assured, however,  that I have plenty of time to make this decision and nice severance package awaiting me if I decide take it.  I will not be moving in with my parents (much to their chagrin) or selling all of my worldly possessions to survive.  This re-org crazy company has been good to me and, apparently,  will be until the end!

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  1. Wow! At first I read the headline and would have said “I’m so sorry” but after reading your post it sounds like this could be an amazing opportunity for you! Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help!


  2. Thanks Christa! It was a bit of a shock but I was not so crazy about the job so I don’t think I will end up in a worse place. I may re-read some of your blog entries for inspiration but I am sure I will figure out the right path 🙂

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