The Return of Men of a Certain Age

I had a cold this week (a real one this time) so I laid low when I could and continued to catch up from my week away from TV. I do plan to get back to important stuff like 2011 goal setting (which is buzzing around in the back of my mind) and figuring out how I can best apply my special skills to save the world, but this week, I was just not up for it.

There was a boring holiday party and a nice sushi dinner with friends this week, but also a decent amount of Men of a Certain Age and Raising Hope.

Men of a Certain Age is an adorable show on TNT just starting season 2. These totally lovable men, who I think, are around 50 (I have a hard time with ages because I look a lot younger than I am and it confuses me sometimes) are buds who live in California somewhere. One is married w/kids (the amazing Andre Brougher), one is separated w/kids (the hilarious Ray Romano) and the third is an eternally single ladies man (the dude, Scott Bakula). They are good guys. They have great friendships. They make fun of each other in grown-up (but also a little bit juvenile) ways (they are men.) Heartwarming and funny sums it up. For example, my favorite scenes have been watching Ray Romano try to support his son who has anxiety issues. He totally gets it and is so there for his son. His son is nervous about going to the dance so his dad says he will text him every hour to make sure he is ok. And he does. Awesome. I can’t do the funny scenes justice, but I highly recommend it.

Raising Hope is just so completely off the wall ridiculous. Sometimes, it can be gross. (Humor about mole hairs for example, I could do without.) And sometimes stupid. But if you just go with it, there is some good stuff there. Much more low brow than Modern Family. It’s the kind if show you watch while drinking a PBR.

This is a train post written on my phone so no photos and no obsessive editing, but I thought my 6 fans might miss me so I wanted to crank something out.

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