Happy Hour For Absolutely No Reason

It’s the final day of my 7-day experiment to not watch TV for a whole week.  I have been keeping pretty busy these last few days so I haven’t missed it that much….until today.  Today, I am a bit hungover and would LOVE to just chill on the couch and turn on the TV, but I am not caving in on the home stretch!

The reason I am a little bit hungover is because I left my comfort zone AGAIN last night and hosted a happy hour that turned into 6 hours of “happy” with a lot of vino.  It was much easier than throwing a full-blown party.  I just sent a Facebook invite to (almost) all of my FB friends in NYC titled Happy Hour for Absolutely No Reason (because I couldn’t call it Help Me Step Out of My Comfort Zone by Hosting a Social Gathering.)   I was scared when I hit the “Send Invitation” button, but I really wanted to make the most of the time I got back for myself this week by not going to Turkey, which gave me the courage to put my social invitation out to the universe!

The bar I picked near my office turned out to be very cool and quite a few people showed up.  Most of the attendance was due to my sister and her husband who are both “fun in a can” and have a lot of friends who like to drink.   A handful of my other friends also showed up and they all mingled together well and had a great time!   My plan was to make it a regular event if it went well and since this was a smashing success, it will happen again in the New Year.

Since I can’t just veg out and watch TV, I will be heading out again this evening for more socializing at the holiday party of a friend of a friend.  Tomorrow, I might have a huge TV binge (I am craving Fringe right now !!) but I feel like I might have established a habit of choosing things other than TV that could become a more regular thing.

I did accomplish quite a bit this week during normal TV hours.  I changed a light bulb, I read a few chapters of a book on my Kindle, I completed many blog posts, I went to the movies (Black Swan – disturbing but very good), I did some super hard Yoga, I hosted a Happy Hour, and I took a nap.  Next week I have even more activities planned!  Stay tuned…

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    1. A fabulous way to spend your time. The best show possibly in the history of television. It is not on my list now because it is not on. I should add a category for other favorite shows that are not currently playing. Do not want anyone to think I don’t watch Mad Men!! I have a couple of posts about it, but you should go back and read then after you watch this season 🙂

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