Deep Thoughts During Savasana

I started taking a Yoga class that is beyond my level of expertise.  When I say “expertise”, I mean “what I learned from 8 years of  Inhale with Steve Ross,” a Yoga show on the Oxygen channel. (That’s Steve below there.  I do love him.  We spent a lot of time together.) I might have over estimated my Yoga ability a bit in Sicily when people who had not done much Yoga were saying to me “you look like you have been doing Yoga for a while.”  When I got to this highly recommended Level 2/3 class, it was clear that I was in above my head.

Yoga is supposed to be about loving yourself and accepting exactly where you are (and probably other things too) but it is really hard for me to love myself when I am the only one in class falling over every time we go directly from side angle to half moon and the teacher is adjusting me more than anyone else.

But tonight, when I was lying in Savasana, thinking (when I was supposed to be clearing my mind) I reminded myself that this Level 2/3 class is taking me out of my comfort zone which is exactly what I am trying to do with my life right now!  If I only do the poses I am good at (which is very few), how will I advance myself spiritually and literally stretch myself in new directions?  I need to keep going to this class and pushing myself to get better and work on feeling like less of an idiot when I fall over.

I also realized that just the fact that I am going to a studio and taking a real live class is a huge step in the right direction.  Yoga at home with the TV is not Yoga.   Better than nothing, but not great. I was going through the motions and not paying much attention to what I was doing at all.  When I am in this 2/3 class, I am not thinking about anything else (except during Savasana, obviously).  This teacher is amazing and fills my mind with positive, powerful thoughts as I am attempting to twist myself in to poses that will align my spirit with my body.  THAT is what Yoga is about (and probably other things too.)

So I will keep plugging away at it which will be a compliment to moving out of my comfort zone in other parts of my life.  It is all coming together….

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