Random Thoughts from Day 3

It’s Day 3 of my own personal  “turn off your TV week” experiment.   Right now,  I am half listening to NPR wondering if they have some voice filter that they use on everyone or do they only hire people that have really relaxing voices?

I changed a light bulb that burned out last week.  That would not have happened tonight if I had the option to watch TV (and yes, I used one of those cool new “green” squiggly bulbs.)

I just learned that the M42 bus won the Pokie Award for the slowest bus in NYC. Wouldn’t know that if I were watching Boardwalk Empire.

This entry reminds me of In To The Wild,  at the end when the guy is trapped in that van and is losing his mind but he still writes in his journal every day.

I think I am too tired to read, but I guess I could give it a whirl.  Before I go, I will explain this picture.

I was completely wide-eyed tonight when I found myself in Rockefeller Center and looked up to see this amazing light show displayed on the side of Sax Fifth Avenue with musical accompaniment that filled the space between the buildings.   The tree and the skaters are old news.  This was pretty cool.

This post is a great example of why I don’t post every day…

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