Reflecting on my 2010 Goals

I was reading a post last week on one of my favorite new blogs (Christa in New York) about 2011 planning.  My first thought was “Is she crazy? It is WAY too early for 2011 planning!” but it did get me thinking about the 2010 goals I set earlier this year.

I drafted these 2010 goals last March when I was recovering from some serious health issues and had just landed a less stressful job with less travel. (The actual document is displayed to the right)

I went for the whole enchilada.  I started with a personal mission statement, drafted some longer-term (5 year) objectives, and then set some S-M-A-R-T goals for 2010.  S-M-A-R-T goals are one of the few things I remember from b-school (but not that well because I had to Google them to remember exactly what the letters stand for)  Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic, and Timely.

As we review these 2010 goals together, you will see that I failed in achieving half of them, but I am still pretty pleased with what I have accomplished.

Mission Statement: To enhance my overall happiness by making my life bigger. – this could be written more eloquently, but you get the gist.

Objectives (5 year time line):

    1. Find a life partnernot even close (I have been on 1 date in 2010)
    2. Be a momnot even close (not doing this without #1)
    3. Spend time on charitable workmaking progress!
    4. Learn more about the worldI will have two international trips under my belt by the end of the year.  I have read the NY Times on my new iPhone app more in the past 6 months than in the past 6 years and I have learned  a lot about blogs!  Making progress!
    5. Quiet my mindbarely making progress.
    6. Rebuild and sustain my physical health (i.e. exercise)Rebuild post surgery and 6 months of hellish health issues SUCCESS!
    7. Reduce my consumption of processed food I think I only had Doritos for dinner a couple of times since March and I have switched from Mini Oreos to Annie’s All Natural Bunny Graham Friends.  SUCCESS!  (This objective will get the boot in 2011. I eat better than 95% of the population of the United States.  I have bigger fish to fry.)

2010 S-M-A-R-T Goals

    1. Spend at least 3 nights/week out of the house pretty sure this is a FAIL! (More like 1-2 nights/week.  I am a homebody, so this is a tough nut to crack, but necessary for objective #1.)
    2. Reduce dedicated television watching to 10 hours/weekSUCCESS!
    3. Work out at least 4 days/week technically FAIL (BUT I work out 2-3 days/week and walk a lot.  If my pants are tight, I work out more.  This works for me.)
    4. Attend a beginner meditation training courseSUCCESS!
    5. Spend time every day meditating (After completing the training course)Ummm…FAIL (two days last week, twice over the summer, and I have downloaded a meditation book to my Kindle that I have not read yet)
    6. Read 1 book/month FAIL (But I have read one book almost every other month and I now have this cool Kindle that I still have not used, except to download books)
    7. Run 1 10K in 2010 FAIL (I really just wanted to get back in shape, which I did.   As long as I get my but on the treadmill a couple of times a week and force myself to stay there for 30 minutes, I am happy.)
    8. Become a board member of a non-profit (when I find one I like)I went to some board recruitment fairs but have not found anything I am really passionate about yet.  This should clearly be a long term objective
    9. Become a Student Sponsor Partner SUCCESS!!
    10. Do not work on weekends unless specifically asked SUCCESS!! This may sound like a crazy thing to need for a goal, but in 2009 I worked almost every weekend.   It sucked.
    11. Cook at least one meal from scratch every week (salad does not count)FAIL!! I really don’t like to cook and I live in NYC and have a well-paying job.  This was a silly goal.
    12. Take at least one vacation in 2010 (away from NYC)SUCCESS!!

So the way I see it, the fact that I actually drafted TWELVE 2010 goals on paper makes me automatically kind of awesome.  I actually achieved 5 of the 12 goals and half-achieved a couple more.  Most of the rest are not necessary for my overall happiness.  I do feel happier than I did when I set these goals and my life feels bigger (and not just because I talk about it on the internet!)  But there is clearly still some work needed on the most important objectives where I have made zero progress.  I will leave you in suspense for a while but look forward to a long 2011 goal-setting post before the end of the year!

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