My New Little Friend

I met my new mentee tonight and it went swimmingly well!

I signed up to mentoring a student throughout the Student Sponsor Partner program last Spring and have been waiting forever to get started! SSP partners 9th graders with mentors who help pay their tuition to a private school (usually catholic because it is affordable) and support them on their quests to be academically successful and attend college (at the moment my mentee wants to attend a school called “Truth University” that she saw in a movie called “Stomp in the Yard” so there is some work to do there.)

My mentee, her mom, her little sister and I ate dinner together at Burger Heaven this evening. Apparently, they slipped me a cheat sheet in the brochure they handed me at the SSP office with questions to spur conversation, but I did not see it until I got home. It was a bit hard to make conversation with a shy 15 year old, but I think we did ok and I covered most of the suggested topics. They gave her a whole folder to give me with info on her school, her report card, and her class schedule. Very organized! (she completely forgot about it of course, but her mom pulled it out and reminded her of all of the things she wanted to tell me, too cute.)

She seems like a good, smart kid with a supportive mother. There is some “drama in her neighborhood” we will have to watch out for and her grades could be better but she likes her new school and the teachers said she has the potential to make honor roll next semester so we are all over it! (I am already proud and I just met her!!)

When I said, “I don’t want to force you to hang out with me all the time,” when broaching the timing of our next meeting, she said “that’s ok.” so I think I passed the cool test (even though I had never heard of this “Stomp in the Yard”).

A much more positive experience than that non profit I still have not heard back from. So far SSP gets a big thumbs up and I am looking forward to mentoring my new little friend!

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