Mindfulness Take 1

The plan was to start meditating today.  I did it, but it was wimpy. I lounged in bed and extra 15 minutes listening to NPR.  (They were talking about Prince William so I had to listen!) Then, I decided I had to shower first to wake me up a bit.  I was not sure if I should sit before I decided what to wear or after I had my work clothes on. (I decided to put on some comfy meditation gear.) I found myself really wanting to get to work because the sooner I get in, the sooner I can leave (I am the opposite of a procrastinator. I am all about delayed gratification,) but I had committed to this so I decided I would just try to sit for 5 minutes.

I turned on my cute little Iphone meditation timer that gongs at start of your session and at the end (nothing like a gadget to motivate you to clear your mind.)  The five minutes flew by pretty quickly, but my mind did not stop for a minute.  What is that noise upstairs?  Should I be doing this now, or when I get home later?  What will I write about this in my blog? What should I wear to work today?  Oh, right, focus on your breathing.  Are my breaths deep enough?  I am not very comfortable, maybe I should get one of those meditation pillows to make it official.

And so on, and so forth.

That was day 1.  Tomorrow, I will try 10 minutes.

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  1. Day 2 happened for 10 brain busy minutes and it has not happened since. Work got crazy at the end of the week and then I was totally un inspired to write for a couple of days. I started a long post yesterday that I have to finish tonight…stay tuned. This mindfulness goal is part of the post….

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