I Forgot to Start Meditating Today

Last week I had a revelation that there is absolutely no reason for me to start work at 7:30am.  Why in the world am I getting such an early start?  (1) I am still in the habit from my old job where the only quiet time I had was before everyone else got to work.  This no longer applies, because now I work in almost complete isolation, all day (2) once a week I have therapy at 7am and I am too lazy to change my alarm clock for that one day a week.

As I was fretting about changing my sleep schedule to spend less time working, it occurred to me that I could still get up at the same time, but instead of rushing to the office (or futzing on the computer on work from home days) I could use this time to meditate!  I attended 2 of the 4 training classes I signed up for this summer, but never kicked off the actual meditating. This great meditation plan completely escaped my mind this morning, however.

Before I even took a sip of my coffee today, I leaned the wrong way on my not so sturdy desk (which is essentially a counter top delicately perched on two tripod stands) and it came crashing to the floor spilling everything (including my coffee) everywhere.  I am sure my downstairs neighbors were very happy to be woken up that way.

Miraculously, the coffee didn’t spill on anything important and nothing actually broke.  I had everything cleaned up with a new cup of coffee by 8am feeling grateful but a little frazzled.  The last thing on my mind was the meditation plan.

Tomorrow is early therapy day so meditation is not happening, but it is “on like Donkey Kong” for Wednesday.

2 thoughts on “I Forgot to Start Meditating Today”

  1. Does your alarm clock by any chance have two alarms? If so, you could set one for the 7 a.m. therapy day, and one for the rest. The miracles of (not-so) modern technology!

  2. Well, it does have two alarms, but one is radio and the other requires my ipod to be plugged in, which is another thing to remember to do. But I think the real reason I like to get up at the same time every day is that, therapy would feel more like a chore (which of course it already is) if I ALSO have to get up earlier than usual. So if I just get up the same time every weekday, it is less of an inconvenience. A trick I play on my mind I guess 🙂

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