Will Rubicon be Saved?

Will we ever find out if and how Truxton Spangler takes his own life as the four-leaf clover bodes?  We are pretty sure Katherine Rhumer won’t be back unless the supposedly lethal  injection was more like what the airplane passengers got on The Event (FYI – they came back to life.)  Is Tanya really going to quit and write another book?  Will Miles have a  nervous breakdown and then live happily ever after with the new chick who speaks Urdu?

I was not surprised at all that Will’s new artsy lover (with the fabulous shower curtain) was really undercover protecting him, but who hired her?  Arliss?  So many unknowns..but what would happen next season?  Will Will (ha ha “will will”) keep trying to take down Atlas McDowell?  Will he find happiness so he can have more than just that one perplexed expression on his face?

I was not as impressed with the Rubicon finale as I was with the Mad Men finale, but I am definitely up for another season.   I am too tired from fighting with PowerPoint all day to elaborate more or make a great case for James Badge Dale and his crew but my friend Maureen Ryan at TV Squad (she is not really my friend) wrote this great article called “Six Reasons to Save Rubicon”…read it and support the cause.  (This article has been archived from the interwebs but you can find Maureen Ryan, former TV critic here)

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    1. I was disappointed. The week before I was going to blog about how much I had grown to love the show, but I am kind of indifferent at this point. I do love the name James Badge Dale so I hope he pops up in something else so I can keep including the name in my blog posts!

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