I Have to Wait 8 Months for More Mad Men?

Season finale, unreal.  Don Draper never fails to surprise me.  The smartest, seemingly most together woman in his life who he genuinely cares about on Thursday, tells him he might feel better if he deals with his “stuff” so he runs off to Disneyland and gets engaged to a woman on Monday because she doesn’t cry over a spilled milk shake,  his kids love her, and she makes him feel good about himself.  I guess I should not be that surprised.  But I always expect more from Don.

The whole thing seemed like a dream sequence but that is the beauty of Mad Men.  He wanted his life to feel like a fairy tale but WE had to all be able to see that it was ridiculous and it worked.  We kept waiting for someone to wake up and tell us it was a dream.  No one woke up.  Mad Men is genius.  I can’t believe we have to wait 8 more months to see how this mess turns out.

Betty is a time bomb that I can not wait to see really explode.  Kudos to Peggy who rocks creative.  She better get a Clio next season!  I love it when Peggy and Joan are friends.  I hope Joan does not turn out to be a mom like Betty!   These poor tortured people on Madison Avenue in the 60’s.   The piece de resistance….the finale ended with Sonny & Cher.  Awesome.  (I have loved Cher since probably before I was born)

The only show that come close to Mad Men in my opinion is Rubicon which I have fallen in love with it.  I can’t lose two shows in one night so I am holding off until tomorrow for the Rubicon season finale… (how awesome I found an image of Don and  James Badge Dale!)

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