Initial Thoughts: No Ordinary Family

I forgot!  There was one more new show to check out and review.  I will keep it brief.

"Conrad" telling "The Sheild" to "think like something that can fly" (I didn't work)

Cute.  Really cute and funny!  In the first 10 minutes, a whole family (husband, wife, and two teenage kids) gets super powers on their trip to Brazil.  Everyone who is watching knows this but the characters don’t know it  and no one knows what the powers are so the way they reveal themselves is suspenseful and (I think) well written in to the story.   Michael Chiklis (formerly of The Shield and the big rock “Thing” in Fantastic Four) is awesome but his side kick  (Conrad the drug dealer from Weeds) is HILARIOUS.   He built “The Shield” a lair in his garage.  “Every superhero needs a lair, with WiFi.”  Hilarious.  The wife  is not using that  baby voice she had as Rita on Dexter so she is less annoying.  And the dad from Seventh Heaven is on the show.  Always nice to see him, but I think he is evil in this one.  If you are looking for a fun family show, check it out.  Well written with a unique premise.  I think this one is a winner (and I happen to know it premiered really well so this is not just my opinion.)  Not in the genre of shows I usually “can’t wait to watch” but I like it!

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