What is up with this blog again?

You might be thinking…”I thought this blog was supposed to be about your quest to watch LESS television.  All you post about is TV!”  Great observation.  I realized, as I started blogging, that I can’t write truly honest posts about people I know and things we do together!  It is exactly the same reason I can’t go on Big Brother.  I would be afraid to say anything mean in the Diary Room and then I would be just boring boring and CBS would probably try to convince the other house guests to vote me out.   I don’t want to get voted off WordPress and I love having fans.   I can say anything I want about imaginary characters and I don’t know anyone who produces, writes for, or acts in TV shows so for now, I am safe.  If this becomes a HUGE super popular blog, I might start getting in trouble (ie Perez Hilton), but that seems highly unlikely with my current traffic.  I don’t write long super insightful commentary or TV recaps.  I just write the random thoughts I have about my friends on the small screen.    Maybe after I warm up with the universally loved topic of television, and get people hooked on my unique form of commentary, I will branch out more.    It also just depends on what inspires me and formulates itself as a blog post in my mind.   Right now, it is TV, but it seems possible that I could  run out of witty things to say about the imaginary people.  Only time will tell.  I do have a unique ability to tie pretty much every life experience to television so that might be a good way to ease in to it.   I am really trying to cut back on the TV and I can tell you that blogging takes up quite a bit of time that could have otherwise been spent watching TV so this has been a fruitful pursuit already!

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