Initial Thoughts: Undercovers

I was initially drawn in by the cute robot flash drive (want one!) and was fully engaged until the first commercial break. Nice banter between the (very attractive) stars. Loved Gerald McRaney’s character in his opening scene, laced with sarcasm, my fav. (no, I did not remember his name. I IMDBed him.  He was Major Dad and was married to Delta Burke.) I got bored before the next commercial break. Plot: The caterer couple rejoins the CIA (duh) when their friend disappears.

They miraculously remember how to do everything and call each other honey as they fight bad guys. And of course there is some secret reason they were brought back that Major Dad is not telling them. Same old same old spy stuff. Nothing special or different.  I gave it a try as I said I would..but JJ Adams did not do it for me this time…another one bites the dust.

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