James Badge Dale has a Sleepover

I love this shower curtain...

..and not with who I thought it would be!  I was dead wrong when I predicted that Will and Maggie would make up this week and hop in to bed (which is good because that would be been predictable and annoying in hindsight – but I do want them to make up!).  Was not expecting him to shack up with the artist across the way.  (Maybe that will happen to me when the people move in to the building they are almost done building in front my “city view”!)  Still liking learning about my characters.  Grant has gotten more likable and is an even more sympathetic character now that we know his wife is kind of a bitch.  Rooting for Miles and the new girl who speaks Urdu.  Looking forward to Tanya’s return from rehab.  Wondering if Miranda Richardson is annoyed that all she gets to do is bop around the city and ask questions for 5 minutes an episode.  I keep waiting for a four leaf clover to fall from the sky and knock her out.  I still don’t totally get what is going on with the CIA informant who I think is dead and might have been playing both sides BUT it does keep going so I will keep trying and maybe the two stories will come together in the end?  What is that Corn Flake loving Spangler up to??????

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