Initial Thoughts: Boardwalk Empire

Never Let the Truth Get in the Way of a Good Story…

I was not expecting to like Boardwalk Empire, but I did!  I was not a huge Sopranos fan.  I watched it because everyone else did.  I like the people dynamics but I could never follow the mob stuff.  I

managed to hold my old during the Boardwalk Empire premiere until the very end when I got a little bit confused about why those particular people were getting killed and who ordered it.

I definitely got the whole thing about Nucky being a bad guy who is also a little good. (like Tony Soprano I guess, but Nucky seems more good, kinda).  I loved the twist (spoiler) that Jimmy is going to play both sides by pretending to help the FBI but really helping Nucky.   That was unexpected and pretty brilliant in my opinion.  I was assuming and dreading that he would be all conflicted and sappy.  The set looked more cheesy than real to me, but I did like how the store fronts played so much in to understanding the characters.  That less than three pound baby place was creepy though.  They lock them up in cabinets?  Is is possible that really existed?  The show is based on a non-fiction novel so there is some truth to all of this….

Entertainment Weekly says the pilot was the “weakest (showiest and slowest)” of the episodes the review had seen, so it must get even better!  Bring it on.  I am in for the long haul.  Since I booted Life Expected from the “10 hour must see” list last week, I have room for one more…

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