New Things

In 2017, I conquered 100 new things! Read the summary blog post for more details and scroll down for the full list.

In 2018, I refined the plan to do only 18 new things that each included at least one of the 5 things I want more of in my life: fun, creativity, connection, meaning, and nature.  I got to 18 by the end of May but I will continue to do new stuff while I pursue my life’s purpose! Follow me on Instagram to watch them unfold in images with #hashtag commentary.

  1. Helicopter Ride
  2. NYC Women’s March (I missed it last year!)
  3. Spoon, Tunes, and Booze
  4. Sleep Over in NYC with my Neices!
  5. Blues Traveler at Irving Plaza
  6. Touchpoint Town Hall: Casual Sex
  7. The Amateurs at The Vineyard Theater
  8. Josh Radnor (and Rise Preview) at the 92nd St Y
  9. MM LaFleur Private Shopper
  10. Marianne Williamson Lecture on A Course in Miracles
  11. Sound Bath Meditation
  12. Kale Margarita
  13. Reiki I Certification
  14. Doucing with a Geomancer / Climbed the Glastonbury Tor
  15. Embodying the Line writing and woetry course
  16. Kontonmble ceremony
  17. Stonehege
  18. Garden of Eden painted on my body
  19. The Beast in the Jungle at The Vineyard Theater
  20. Gyrontonic training session (aka “yoga for dancers”)
  21. Tarot Card Reading
  22. Ping Pong at Spin
  23. Yoga at Humming Puppy
  24. Natal Chart Reading
  25. Tinder Live
  26. Shamanic Journey
  27. Ho’oponopono meditation
  28. Georgia O’Keefe’s Visions of Hawaii exhibit at the New York Botanical Garden
  29. Himalayan Salt Lamps
  30. 29 Rooms
  31. Unicorn Rainbow Dress
  32. Mega Millions Ticket
  33. Joseph Goldstein: Dharma for a Challenging World
  34. Good Grief at The Vineyard Theater
  35. Quadrivium Math+Music Salon at the Museum of Mathematics
  36. Learned to Use a Pendulum
  37. Audible Books
  38. Medicine Card Reading
  39. Astrology Class
  40. Hired a Personal Stylist

100 New Things in 2017

  1. Phish at Madison Square Garden on New Year’s Eve
  2. The Bitter Game at The Public Theater
  3. Opera at Carnegie Hall
  4. Rode the Second Avenue Subway
  5. Outsider Art Fair
  6. Soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai
  7. SoulCycle class
  8. Yoga every day for a month
  9. 31 Days of Devotion meditation program
  10. My first Mood Mandala (a future blog post will illustrate this one)
  11. Tatooed New York exhibit at The New York Historical Society
  12. Kid Victory at The Vineyard Theater
  13. Ate Blue Eggs
  14. Not My President’s Day rally in NYC
  15. Watched all 10 Oscar nominated films before the Oscars
  16. Black Tap Sweet and Salty Peanut Butter Milkshake
  17. Yoga on a business trip to Germany
  18. Quit the job I had for 13 years
  19. Visited Johannesburg
  20. Flew in a Cessna (tiny airplane)
  21. Saw 4 of the big 5 game in Bostwana
  22. Watched a sunrise in Botswana
  23. Was surrounded by elephants
  24. Saw a lion climbing a tree
  25. Ate ostrich gyros
  26. Caught yawning hippos on film
  27. Mokoro ride
  28. Watched lions leisurely strolling down the road
  29. Went on 12 safari game drives
  30. Bob Schneider at City Vineyard
  31. Cookie Dough Confections
  32. Started a new job at a new company
  33. Hiked in the Poconos
  34. Yoga class at Atmananda Yoga
  35. Hamilton on Broadway
  36. Fashion Show on the Empire State Building
  37. Cooked with Garam Masala
  38. Can You Forgive Her at The Vineyard Theater
  39. Meditation class at Inscape
  40. Waitress on Broadway
  41. Yoga class at Jivamukti Yoga
  42. Live music yoga class
  43. MoMa Quiet Mornings 
  44. Wonder Woman on the big screen
  45. In-N-Out Burger
  46. Reset my microbiome with a naturopath
  47. Blind date set up by a matchmaker
  48. Meditated with The Path
  49. Mac-N-Cheetos
  50. Rooftop Cinema Club – Grease
  51. U2 Joshua Tree Tour at Met Life Stadium
  52. Completed my first book on Buddhism (Buddha Walks In To A Bar)
  53. Bulletproof Coffee
  54. All The Rage at Cinema Village
  55. Indecent on Broadway
  56. Waited in line for craft beer at Other Half brewery
  57. Sushirrito 
  58. Trinity Church and Alexander Hamilton’s Grave
  59. Shopped at Fairway
  60. Tried the Jade Egg
  61. Yoga class at Kula Yoga Project
  62. Walked from my house, across the Brooklyn Bridge, and back
  63. Visited Greenpoint, Brooklyn
  64. Hudson River Park Sing-A-Long – Mama Mia
  65. Hello Fresh!
  66. Rode a Citi Bike during Summer Streets
  67. Smorgasburg in Prospect Park
  68. Michael Moore’s The Terms of My Surrender / Trump Tower Protest
  69. The Met Cloisters / Fort Tryon Park
  70. Watched an Eclipse
  71. Central Park Film Festival – Saturday Night Fever
  72. Yoga class with Sri Dharma Mittra
  73. Intermittent Fasting
  74. Attended a City Council Debate
  75. Ate catfish
  76. Volunteered for a City Council political campaign
  77. Attended a lecture at the Tibet House
  78. Attended a poetry reading (from Rangloi by Pavana Reddy)
  79. Created my Last Will and Testament
  80. Got an Apple Watch
  81. Drank a Lindemans Framboise beer
  82. Dear Evan Hansen on Broadway
  83. Attended The Untold Story of America’s Mindfulness Movement
  84. Jewel concert
  85. Mindfulness in America Summit
  86. Sakara Life clean eating for a week
  87. Visited Green-Wood Cemetery
  88. Welcome To Camp America exhibition and panel discussion
  89. Harry Clarke at The Vineyard Theater
  90. Bone broth from Brodo
  91. Sri Lankan Food at Sigiri
  92. Bought a Casper Mattress
  93. Visited Arizona
  94. Hot, hip hop, candlelit yoga at Y7 Studio
  95. Hardywood Bourbon Barrel Gingerbread Stout
  96. The Womanly Arts Experience
  97. Meditated at Shambala NYC
  98. Danced at The Luscious Let Go
  99. Climbed at Brooklyn Boulders
  100. Handed out 100 Namaste dollar bills in NYC